Aviatrix Crash Game

Aviatrix emerges as a contemporary successor to the beloved Aviator game, presenting an opportunity for participants to escalate their wagers by a factor of up to 10,000.

The intuitive nature of the game positions it as a perfect entry point for beginners, while its state-of-the-art and true-to-life visuals captivate those in pursuit of an authentic experience. Aviatrix beckons the adventure-driven gamblers, promising a rush of exhilaration that’s hard to resist.

Yet, what distinctive feature truly elevates this game is the integration of NFT technology. Gamers have the ability to employ distinctive aircrafts, represented as NFTs, to vie with fellow players. Such aircrafts are not only customizable and upgradeable but also, pivotally, they play a role in the allocation of extra prizes. Importantly, the integration of NFTs is seamless—ensuring simplicity for those not yet immersed in the digital asset space.

Aviatrix Demo Game

If you’re not yet familiar with the enthralling world of Aviatrix or you simply want to learn the game mechanics without risking your bankroll, the demo version is tailor-made for you! This mode offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the game without spending any real money.


Aviatrix Game Rules

Game Start:

  • Place your bets before the airplane begins its flight.
  • Prepare for an exhilarating adventure in the skies!

Potential Winnings:

  • Your chances to win can increase up to 10,000 times your initial bet.
  • However, be mindful of the risk and keep an eye on the flight dynamics.

Safe Landing:

  • In this game, players need to withdraw their funds before the biplane explodes. To do this, click on the “cash out” button.
  • After the simulator closes, winnings are credited to your account balance.
  • Use manual mode for landing or opt for autoplay.

Earning Experience:

  • For every €1.00 (or its equivalent in another currency) spent, you earn 1 point.
  • All bets made in other currencies will be converted at the current exchange rate for the purpose of awarding points. For example, if you make 100 bets of €0.10, you will receive 10 points.

Level Progression:

  • Upon reaching a new level, you can upgrade your airplane, adding unique modifications to it.
  • Don’t worry: these upgrades do not affect your chances of winning or the general rules of the game.

Automatic Betting:

  • Turn on the “Auto” switch for automatic betting and simply watch the game unfold.

Automatic Cashout:

If you want to automatically collect your funds after a win, set the desired multiplier in the appropriate field next to the amount of your bet.

Aviatrix Bonus System

Unlike traditional crash games where success relies solely on your bet, Aviatrix entices with additional perks. Beyond the main stakes, players have the opportunity to broaden their horizons thanks to NFTs.

Each participant can create their own unique airplane, endowing it with features that reflect the player’s individual style. Do you want a flashy machine or something more understated? The choice is yours!

VehicleNameLevelExperience (XP)
SkyFlierLevel 3414 XP
FastCucumberLevel 234 XP
StonehengeLevel 17 XP
LemonadeLevel 15 XP
RedSunLevel 81353 XP
FireJetLevel 18 XP
MilkyLevel 514 XP
BlueMotionLevel 65451 XP
BrownfuryLevel 269 XP
ChocoflyLevel 44823 XP
CloudletLevel 8245 XP
InvisibleFlyLevel 562345 XP

Your Airplane – More Than Just a Pretty Feature. It Can Bring Real Benefits:

  • Tournaments: Be among the best and compete for the grand prize! The higher your bet, the closer you are to the jackpot.
  • Daily Rewards: The most powerful airplanes have a chance to win a daily prize of up to 700 euros.
  • Experience Points: Time spent in the game strengthens your reputation and your position in the rankings.

And don’t forget about the cashback! If betting in Aviatrix has become your hobby, you’ll appreciate getting a portion of your funds back. Remember that your chances of a cashback increase with your level in the loyalty program.

Not sure where you stand? Simply head to the Rewards section, and you’ll see the full leaderboard. Thrill, strategy, and the chance to stand out from others – that’s what makes Aviatrix unique!

RTP, Volatility, and Other Attributes of the Aviatrix Slot

💬 DeveloperAviatrix
📅 Release date06.10.2022
🎮 Game TypeCrash Game
🎰 RTP97%
✅ Demo VersionEat
🏆 Maximum winningsx10000.00
💸Minimum bid0.10$
💸Maximum bet10$
🌐 Available languagesUK. UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
🖥 PlatformsPC, Android and iOS smartphones
🎁 Features and BonusesExplosive mechanics, Choice, design and/or character replacement, Multiplier
🚀 ThemeAircraft
🎲Other tagsLight blue, Brown, Blue, Dark blue, Black, Moon
🖼️ TechnologyJS, HTML5
🎮 Game size11.7 MB
📅 Latest update02/08/2023

Aviatrix Theme and Graphics

Ascending ever upwards in Aviatrix, you will be greeted by the shimmering glint of meteorites and the awe-inspiring presence of celestial bodies like Saturn with its signature rings and the colossal Jupiter. Every progressive climb rewards you with the chance of securing impressive multipliers eager to bolster your stake, rendering the prospect of wins even more alluring.

Yield to the enticement of the unknown and the anticipation of adventure with Aviatrix! Elevate your gaming exploits to stellar realms and unlock the astral potential for rewarding returns!

Aviatrix Game Video and Screenshot Gallery

Aviatrix FAQ

Aviatrix is optimized for mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms. However, the game does not have a separate application. To play, you will need a stable internet connection and a mobile browser. Simply visit the website of a popular online casino and enjoy the game.

With the unique feature allowing the creation of individual NFT aircraft, players can earn daily payouts of up to 10,000 EUR. However, it's important to remember that this feature is only available when playing with real money.

The main elements of this crash game are luck and quick reaction. If a player fails to cash out their winnings in time, the bet is lost. Despite the existence of various strategies and tactics, it's important to remember that the heart of any gambling game is the random number generator.

Therefore, no strategy guarantees 100% success. Always play responsibly and be aware of the risks.

In Aviatrix, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) act as unique digital assets, each with their own uniqueness and value. They may represent different airplanes or other items within the game. Players can buy, sell, or trade these NFTs, creating an additional level of interactivity and engagement.

Our verdict on Aviatrix

Aviatrix transcends the conventional gaming experience, ushering players into an exhilarating new realm! This game revolutionizes the standard loyalty scheme by harnessing the power of NFT technology, making every action within the game increasingly beneficial. Players are rewarded not only for their active participation but also for their creativity in customizing their personal aircraft.

An extensive array of customization possibilities is at your fingertips, allowing you to tailor your gaming experience to your vision. The seamless integration of Aviatrix ensures compatibility across diverse platforms, enhancing its accessibility.

Furthermore, the implementation of “provable fairness” technology affords every player peace of mind, with the assurance that each round they play is transparent and fair. This innovative feature solidifies the integrity of the game, allowing players to engage with confidence in the honesty of every bet placed.

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